On Friday, March 8th, the 5th grade class went on a field trip to the Orange County Regional History Center.  Students were given a tour of the museum and got to do many hands on activities.  They learned what it was like to be a pioneer and make your own butter.  An actor portraying Dr. Phillips, told them a story about how he worked in orange groves and became a wealthy man.  They learned about the Seminoles and saw many artifacts about their life.  They went into a court room and acted out the case of “the Big Bad Wolf vs. Little Red Riding Hood”.  They learned about the importance of the tourism industry in Florida and how it impacts our economy.  They got to dress up in period clothes from the turn of the century.  They went through an exhibit on African Americans and their struggle for freedom and equality in the state of Florida.  They got to see parts of a parade float used in the Universal Studios’ Mardi Gras Parade.  Everyone had an amazing time and we all learned a lot.