Orlando Science Schools hosted on Saturday October 20, 2012 a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Built It Day. 8 teams from Central Florida came to our school to share experiences as they worked on their robots.


Four workshops were offered, our students and mentors from FTC 5070 N.U.T.S. presented workshops in robot programing and computer aided design (CAD). Experience teams helped and encouraged rookie teams to complete their robot and participate in the first meet, which they did.


FIRST Tech Challenge is part of the FIRST programs which also include Jr. LEGO League, LEGO League and FRIST Robotics Competition. FIRST is piloting a new FTC competition format in 5 regions including Florida. Teams in close proximity are grouped in Leagues. OSS FTC teams compete in the Tesla Robotic League, which is composed of Central Florida teams. Under the new system, league tournaments are called Meets. We at Orlando Science Schools are helping shape the future of FIRST robotics competition by hosting the first Build It Day and Meet of the Florida FTC Tesla Robotic League.


OSS also hosted a FTC meet on Saturday November 17, 2012. 9 teams assisted to our meet, including all the teams that came to our built it day. The OSS FTC teams competed, 6379 Nerdvana and 5070 N.U.T.S. Nerdvana won third place in performance and third place in Judging. N.U.T.S. won second place in judging. Thank you to Orlando Science Schools, its faculty and staff, all the volunteers from the Tesla Robotics League and the parents from FRC 4013 Clockwork Mania who made these events possible.