The Advanced Placement Program, administered by The College Board of New York and taught at local high schools, allows students to participate in a college level course and possibly earn college credit while still in high school. Secondary schools and colleges cooperate in this program to give students the opportunity to show mastery in college-level courses.

Academic Rigor and AP Courses

Students should take classes at the highest level possible in order to prepare themselves for success after graduation – whether in college, in the workplace or in the military.  Many courses are offered at several different levels including regular, honors or Advanced Placement (AP).  Taking rigorous courses in high school such as honors and AP is linked to success in college. Orlando Science High School offers 4 different Advanced Placement courses currently.  All AP courses are college level and require college-level work, effort, maturity and discipline.  AP course curriculum are established by The College Board, and instructors utilize college-level materials to cover the course work.  These classes require considerable amounts of outside reading and essay writing.   All AP courses conclude with a national exam administered by the College Board during the first two weeks of May.  Orange County Public Schools weights AP courses higher than honors coursesto reflect the higher expectations and amount of work as well as the increased difficulty of these courses.  The AP Examinations are given in May. 

All students are expected to sit for the exams for the courses they have taken.


AP Classes

English Literature


AB Calculus

Physics I



World History

European History

US History

English Comp