Article 5 Science Fair resizedLast week our school had our school science fair. Students performed amazingly as they presented their projects to their school, the staff, and their parent’s volunteers. Thank you all for your participation, support and effort in this year’s science fair. It is truly remarkable what these students can do. I value each and every one of their projects as it gives them a chance to learn and show off their interests. With that said we have a total of 12 amazing projects that stand out above the rest.

Middle School

1st place in popularity -B10: Gene Therapy and Breast Cancer

2nd place in popularity-B16: Solar Angles

3rd place in popularity (a tie!)-B7: Does coffee affect plant growth and B19: Cool it Down

1st place overall-B19: Cool it Down

2nd place overall-B01: Canoe Chaos

3rd place overall-B10: Gene Therapy and Breast Cancer

High School

1st place in popularity -C24: Sickle Cell Disease Making Plasmid

2nd place in popularity-C1: It’s time to B. Cereus

3rd place in popularity-C19: The new face of college admissions office.

1st place overall-C06: Treating Gastric Ulcers

2nd place overall-C10: Nervous Chaos

3rd place overall-C17: CBT vs EMDR