Dear Parent/Guardian,Below you may find web sites and detail information for our online FCAT resources.These websites will help our students achieve better FCAT scores! Your student has the same password and username for all these three online resources. If you lose your username and password, please contact the front office phone extension 100. Should you have any questions or problems accessing these sites, please contact Mr. Yalcin at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .


Study Island is an online resource that reinforces what's being taught in your student’s class, but it approaches it in a different way. As students answer questions in Study Island, they're learning, reviving, peer tutoring and they also feel like they're playing a video game in Game Mode. This promotes students' acquisition of skills while making learning interactive and fun. The web address is:


  FCAT Explorer is an online practice program made for Florida's public school students by the Florida Department of Education. It features four practice programs created especially for middle school students: Reading Island, Reading Boardwalk, Math Navigator, and Science Voyager. The web address is:


Florida Focus is a Florida Department of Education website offering online mini-assessments for reading, math, and science. For each focus in reading and each benchmark in math and science, Focus offers a 5-item test and a 5-item retest. Currently mini-assessments are available for 5th, 7th, 8th, and 11th grade science and for all math benchmarks (grades 3 through 9, Algebra I, and Geometry) and reading (gr.3 -10) The Web address is:


AR utilizes the ATOS readability formula—a verified measure of quantitative text complexity for the Common Core State Standards. Each book with an AR Quiz has an ATOS book level and an interest level—a qualitative measure of text complexity. This information is free and easily accessible on AR BookFinder. The ATOS Analyzer allows you to submit text and instantly receive an ATOS level.

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